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Trapping Self-Driving Cars with No Entry Glyphs

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Self driving car trapped in a no entry glyph

What you’re looking at is a salt circle, a traditional form of protection—from within or without—in magical practice. In this case it’s being used to arrest an autonomous vehicle—a self-driving car, which relies on machine vision and processing to guide it. By quickly deploying the expected form of road markings—in this case, a No Entry glyph—we can confuse the car’s vision system into believing it’s surrounded by no entry points, and entrap it.

Stormtrooper for the American Empire

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You Grow Up Wanting to be Luke Skywalker, Then Realize You’ve Become a Stormtrooper for the EmpireSo you fight. You kill. Watch friends die. Its usually quick, almost never quiet, but for the rest of your life, when you remember sitting at the bar with them, they’re blown open. You picture the nights you spent downtown at Scruffy Murphy’s, but instead of the stupid hookah shell necklace, your boy’s jaw is blown off, and his left eye is ruined, and he’s screaming.


Children's characters influenced by TV cartoons

Children’s characters are influenced by the cartoon shows they watch on television

The television cartoon shows influence on the everyday life of the young viewers seems to be ignored by the majority of people since they think of it as the safest way of entertainment that only requires their attention and time in watching it, however, at the same time, it becomes the means of easy access to violence in the minds of its young viewers. Their minds were being poisoned by these so called child friendly shows which do not even promote values that they could use at home or at school and even makes them distant from the people around them due to the behaviors that they manifest in their characters. In addition to this, it could also cost them their health at the very young age because of the side effects that long time television viewing could bring into their future career performance in life.