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Shia Labeouf: You can run, but you can’t hide

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I am glad they put up a baseball cap and a Pepe t-shirt. After all, it was on private property. I also read they found this pole by stars, planes, sunshine base for time zone and some guy beeping his horn (listening on the livestream). The pole, I believe it was in Tennessee. Amazingly, they found this. I guess “The Trolls” got too much time on their hands. Probably got a decent healthcare (Obamacare) & great pay (Welfare). They were only following their “ART” as that dingbat Nancy Pelosi said during the Obama era. Making America Stagnant, STILL. Have to handle it to “The Trolls”. Pretty damn funny.

Alan Watts – Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear

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I am afraid of the distance between the individual & power. Once it comes out of the hands it becomes an instrument of destruction. But why, oh why do we never know who to blame in these cases. The countless cases, in fact most all cases today are this way. The rampant destruction. Because the individual succumbs to the loss. All things destroy. & no amount of insight can find who is at fault. The state stands over the people & takes. The people, blame the state. The people blame the other side. They blame someone other than who has in fact committed the original crime. The one crime that is the cause of all others. The individual, at a loss.


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